The introductory class is designed to give the first-time or newer student a taste of Muay Thai. Focusing on slow, methodical fundamentals, the introductory classes prepares students for higher level classes by teaching basic stances, footwork, kicks and strikes. 

This class is typically a smaller class taught at a slower pace and focuses on good technique rather than speed and power.

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All Levels

This class is composed of all levels of students. Typically when doing partner work, students of similar experience pair up to ensure everyone in class learn at a comfortable pace. Beginners should not be shy! It is expected of advanced students in class to assist newer students as another form of training. 

All level classes usually involve a cardio warm-up, technique practice, endurance drills and conditioning.

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In the beginner class you will already have a basic understanding of all of the basic moves and begin implementing them with a partner. This class is designed to condition your body, increase your endurance and clean up your technique.

Like the All-Levels class, more advanced students offer help when needed.

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All fighters will have a good grasp on all the techniques both offensively and defensively. The fighters class will focus less on instruction and more on putting it together with a partner through the use of sparring. In addition we will also have heavy body conditioning and learn the more advanced techniques associated with the sport. It is specific to those students who want to take the sport to the next level and is available by invitation only.

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In our women’s class we teach traditional Muay Thai. It accommodates all fitness levels and is designed to strengthen the body and mind through a combination of pad and bag work as well as partner drills and calisthenics. Muay Thai is an intense cardio workout it burns calories, improves strength, muscle tone, muscle endurance and flexibility. Not only is Muay Thai a beautiful art to learn it is also great for self defense and a fun way to get in shape.

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Muay Thai will enhance the mental aspect of your child's personality by instilling confidence and self esteem. Your child's capacity for compassion and self discipline will increase through good work ethic and positive role models. Classes are taught in a positive, fun and friendly manner so your children will enjoy learning the art of Muay Thai.

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Open Mat

Two sessions from 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon and from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. All participants must be registered students with signed waivers NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Muay Thai kickboxing as a sport relies heavily on cardiovascular strength. Workouts focus heavily on building that necessary cardiovascular endurance. Jumping rope, running, heavy bag and pad work are all integral parts of a Muay Thai workout.


Moves used in shadowboxing are also used in bag work, pad work and in the ring. Practicing these moves against an imaginary opponent is crucial in learning how to understand an opponent and how be creative in your attacks and defenses. It is an excellent tool to work balance, footwork, cardiovascular endurance and fine tune your technique.

Bag Work

Bag work builds and tones muscles, increases endurance and relieves stress. The Heavy bag provides you with resistance to your contact making you stronger. It is used to develop power and enables you to use all of your weapons; punches, knees, elbows, and kicks in different combinations.

Pad Work

Thai pads, focus mitts, belly protectors and kick shields enable you to use full contact on an opponent. You learn to use offensive techniques, defensive maneuvers and counters in an effective manner. Pad work works timing, distancing, weight transfers, and balance. When worked properly pad work is the closest you can come to simulating a real fight without stepping into the ring.


Sparring is the ultimate workout. Although it is not required to participate, it is the one of the most well rounded training tools available. Protective gear is worn and varies from light to heavy contact. Sparring allows you to fully use all of your developed skills. It shoes your strengths and weaknesses so you are able to improve your game. The mental aspect of getting hit and hitting back is crucial in understanding the art of Muay Thai.


Core strength is essential in Muay Thai. Each class will contain a conditioning portion where we focus on working core muscles. Through a wide variety of pylometrics from standard crunches to medicine ball workouts your body will become strong overall.