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2014 Colorado State Muay Thai Championship Tournament Rules:

2014 Colorado State Muay Thai Championship Tournament Rules:
Legal Strikes:
Punches: All punches are allowed to the body and head including jab, cross, hook, uppercut and spinning back fist.
Elbows: Allowed only to the body, no elbows to the head.
Knees: Knees allowed to the body and legs, no knees to the head.
Kicking: All types of kicks are allowed to the head and body. Kicks should land above or below the knee. No straight-line kicks to the legs (such as teeping the kicking leg)
Clinching: Clinching is allowed and all strikes as applicable may be used. The head may not be pulled down as knees to the head are not allowed. Fighters must stay busy while in the clinch.
Throws: Throws from the clinch are allowed. The throw must be done with the arms, knees, and legs to off balance the opponent in order to “throw”. Judo throws and hip tosses are NOT allowed. You may not pick up the opponent to body slam them. “Tripping” is NOT allowed and the fighter may not intentionally fall on their opponent in an effort to cause injury.
Illegal Strikes:
ü No striking to the back of the head
ü No striking to the spine
ü No striking to the groin
ü No striking to the front or sides of the knee
ü No foot stomps
ü No Judo throws or hip tosses
ü No picking up your opponent to slam them
ü No head butts
ü No hammer fists
ü No straight-line kicks to the legs
ü No Plowing. There must be a strike for every step if holding a caught leg
All illegal strikes are considered fouls and as a result if the referee determines an intentional foul may deduct points for that foul. If it is determined that it was unintentional a warning will be given for the first occurrence and each additional occurrence will receive a point deduction.
Amateur Fighters must wear headgear, shin guards, hand wraps and groin protections (female: groin protection is optional). All equipment is to be provided by the fighter and in good working order before participating. All equipment will be checked and must be approved by Tournament official.
               Head Gear – Headgear may have cheek protection but cannot have nose or shin protection
Shin Guards – Shin guards may be cloth, leather, or neoprene and can pull on or fasten with Velcro or buckles, all fasteners must be covered with tape.
Hand wraps – Amateur fighters may use training hand wraps, or gauze and tape. Tape must be on fingers width back from the knuckles. All fighters must have wraps checked and signed before putting on fight gloves.
Gloves – Gloves must be 16 oz gloves for all competitors, gloves will be checked to ensure they are in good working order and must be signed by tournament official.
Ring Rules:
Standing 8 count: This will be in effect for all bouts. All fighters must engage. If you are not fighting back/defending yourself, the ring referee will stop the action and administer an 8 count to ensure you safety. This will be scored as a knockdown on the judges’ scorecards.
3 Knockdown Rule:   If a fighter is knocked down 3 times in any single round (provided an 8 count is administered) the fight will stop and be pronounced as a TKO.
Flash Knockdown: If a fighter is knocked down, but gets back up immediately with no signs of damage, at the discretion of the referee it may be declared a flash knockdown and no 10 count will be administered. This will not count as a knockdown on the judges’ scorecards. 
Scoring Procedure:
The following will score:
Boxer must use his fists, feet, knees, and elbows as Muay Thai fighting weapons to attack his opponent powerfully, accurately, and accordingly to the rules. The boxer with more attacks on his opponent by following the above Muay Thai fighting weapons wins the round.
The boxer with more heavy, powerful, and clear attacks on his opponent by Muay Thai fighting weapons wins the round.
The boxer that does more damage to his opponent by Muay Thai fighting weapons wins the round.
The boxer who shows more offensive and aggressive attacks wins the round.
The boxer who shows better offensive skills, defensive skills, elusive skills or counter attacking skills by Muay Thai arts and techniques wins the round.
The following are considered scoreless criteria:
The boxer violates any rule when using his Muay Thai fighting weapons.
Muay Thai fighting weapons attack the opponents arm or leg as his/her self defense technique.
The attack is light, without power with no body weight behind it.
The boxer kicks his opponent on target, but his kicking leg is caught by his opponent to throw him down on the ring floor; the kicker scores a point. However, if the kicker with his kicking leg caught by opponent pretends to fall down on the ring floor, he is considered guilty of violation the rules. In this case, no boxer scores a point.
Throwing an opponent down on the ring floor without the use of Muay Thai fighting weapon.
Length of rounds:
All bouts will be three 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest.
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Oct 25 2013 - 6:30pm - 10:30pm

VIP TABLES AVAILABLE Call 303-246-8855 (Muay Thai) for Details or email us


Fight Card **Subject to change

Bout one: 185lb

Tym Gooden (Train.Fight.Win.) vs Michael Young (Independent)

Bout Two: 125lbs

Brayden Harris (Easton Training Center) vs Mason Czerpak (Supreme Striking) 

 Bout Three: 145lbs

Nerath Khat (Muay Thai of Colorado) vs Lawrence Freidberg (Pound 4 Pound)

Bout Four: 165lbs

Cody Bell (Muay Thai of Colorado) vs Rodney Lipper (Factory X)

Bout Five: 160lbs

Max Madorsky (Easton Training Center) vs Bransen Clark (8th Street Gym)

Bout Six: 165lbs

Eric Rogan (Muay Thai of Colorado) vs Cole Smalls (Factory X)

Bout Seven: 155lbs

Nick Kimbro (Train.Fight.Win.) vs Jordan Titoni (Factory X)

Bout Eight: 205lbs

Jose Ramos (Colorado BJJ Englewood) vs. Josec Robles (Grudge Training Center)

Bout Nine: 125lbs - Female Feature Fight

Brooke Danielson (Muay Thai of Colorado) vs Courtney Francis (Train.Fight.Win)

Bout Ten: 195lbs - Co Main Event

Elijah Benes (Colorado BJJ Englewood) vs Cordaro Ware (American Top Team)

Bout Eleven: 145lbs- Main Event

Nick David (Muay Thai of Colorado) vs Casey Henley (Da Kind Muay Thai)

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Supreme Striking Presents: ERUPTION

Aug 15 2013 - 6:30pm
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May 25 2013 - 12:00pm - 3:30pm

Muay Thai of Colorado is hosting another Smoker! 

May 25th - Weighins @ 11:30 fights start at noon.  All Academies are welcome, everyone is free.

Come down and gain some experience or come down and watch an afternoon of free fights.



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CMTA 2013 Tournament

Congratulations to all of the fighters on Sunday at the CMTA Spring Muay Thai Tournament.  All of you showed great skill and heart and with the combined effort, dedication and hard work that you put in we were awarded with the 2013 Team Cup!  You should all be proud of this honor, it is well deserved.

Congratulations to all of Sunday's Champions:

Preston Day, Asher Hawes, David Forney, Nick David,Bryce Hogel, Mikhail Gaynor



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