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Fighter Check-In 11:00 AM / Bouts begin each ring at Noon / We did have a few people we were unable to match, we apologize if your name is not on this list we do not have an opponent due to injury, no show or no one in your weight class
West Ring:
1)      Riley Jimenez vs Powell Burggraff
2)      Jesse Tinajero vs Alejandro Lopez
3)      Laura Perez vs Laura Dettman
4)      SJ Wallace vs Abi Bundy
Men’s Beginner
5)      Dylan Settle vs Kyle Briggs
6)      Shazad Perez vs Ibraheem Almushiri
7)      Eric Adams vs Brandon Sypher
8)      Travis Winter vs Jake Mendez
9)      Francisco Escalante vs Rodney Lipper
10)   Brandon White vs Edgar Guitierez
11)   Patrick Davis vs Michael Young
12)   Chris Blaylock vs Trevor Newton
13)   Winner 5 vs Freeman Winrow
14)   Todd Gold vs Robin Maggs
15)   Ronnie Weymouth vs Jordan Totoni
16)   Winner 6 vs Winner 7
17)   Winner 8 vs Winner 9
18)   Cole Parsa vs Stephen Nicholson
19)   Winner 10 vs Winner 11
20)   Winner 12 vs Mikhail Gaynor
21)   Jake Chatham vs Jose Ramos
Center Ring
1)      Gabriel Dorra vs Devlin Barron
2)      Carlos Lavato vs Max Madorsky
3)      Stephanie Johnson-Martin vs Courtney Francis
4)      Alana Fishman vs Whitney Gunderson
Men’s Advanced Divisions
5)      Jose Negrete vs Steven Demata
6)      Derek Blair vs David Forney
7)      David Baca vs Cyle Mitchell
8)      Adam Blea vs Jacob Holmes
9)      Chris Fullinwider vs Simeon McGrath
10)   PJ Bell vs Tim Harris
11)   Bryce Hogel vs Jason Randall
12)   Brad Hays vs Lewis Malloy
13)   Jason VanTotenhoven
14)   Winner 4 vs Luna Parsons
Men’s Advanced Divisions
15)   Winner 5  vs Winner 6
16)   Winner 7 vs Danny Wilson
17)   Winner 8 vs Nick David
18)   Winner 9 vs Brian Eastman
19)   Jase Young vs Cody Bell
20)   Winner 10 vs Winner 11
21)   Winner 12 vs Winner 13
22)   Joel Lorentz vs Gus Sandoval
East Mat
1)      Alex Dorra vs Asher Hawes
2)      Preston Day vs Richard Carrier
3)      Antonne Elison vs Maddox Barron
4)      Winner 1 vs Luke Boogsen
5)      Zion Zuesz vs Ty Swayde
6)      Chris Sandoval vs Sebastian Lazetera
7)      Kole Barron vs Hunter Kokkinen
News | 4 years 31 weeks ago

Jonathon Adds Another Win to his Record!

Congratulations to Jonathon Wyderko on his victory by Unanimous Decision 30-27 on Friday March 15th @ Lion Fight Promotions in Las Vegas NV!!

News | 4 years 35 weeks ago

CMTA Annual Muay Thai Tournament

CMTA is proud to host the Annual Muay Thai Tournament on April 21st @ Red & Jerry's.  Lots of new things for 2013:

- Multiple Rings

- 1st and 2nd Place Awards

- Team Cup (based on number of competitors and wins)

- Commerative T-Shirts

- Free Samples of Defense Soap to all Competitors

- Ages 6+

- NO MMA Experience allowed for participants

- Opportunity to fight in June for the first official CMTA Championship Belt

-$35.00 Registration now through March 31st


Pre-Sale Tickets General Admission: $15.00 Reserved Seating $25.00

Tickets at the Door: General Admission $25.00 Reserved Seating $35.00


Purchase Tickets for a full day of Muay Thai Action:


News | 4 years 37 weeks ago


Congratulations to Ethan on his Victory on Feb 22nd, a winner by split decision in a hard fought match.

Courtesy of
Uprising: Ethan Warren vs. Andrew Arguello in a 185 lb. MMA fight. The fighters clinched and traded knees in a prolonged exchange. After separating they traded hard punches and kicks until Warren landed an accidental kick to the groin. On the restart Warren scored a takedown into side control. Warren transitioned to north/south then mount to set in a tight armbar that was defended until the bell ended the round. Round two began with Arguello using his striking to set up the clinch then a takedown. The fighters scrambled for position with Arguello ending in Warren’s guard. From his back Warren set in a triangle choke that Arguello escaped and the fighters came to standing. Both fighters landed hard punches before Warren got a trip takedown into side control to land elbows. The fighters worked to their feet to end the round. Round three went to the clinch early then the fighters spun to the ground with Warren trying for an inverted triangle choke that Arguello escaped to work GNP. Warren worked to his feet but Arguello snapped him down. Warren worked into back control and set in an RNC that was defended until the bell ended the fight. The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was Ethan Warren.
Performance MMA
News | 4 years 38 weeks ago

Jonathon Wyderko to fight on Lion Fight Promotions

Mar 15 2013 - 5:00pm

Jonathon Wyderko is heading to Vegas to fight on a presitgious Muay Thai card with some of the best Thai Fighters!  Lion Fight Promotions March 15th.  We are incredibly proud Jon, go get 'em.



Event | 4 years 39 weeks ago