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11:00 AM RULES MEETING (fighters and coaches need to be present)



Bout 1: 65-75 lbs Michael Zarlengo vs Jordan Sandoval

Bout 2: 65-75 Zion Zeus vs Kole Barron

Bout 3: 160-168 Max Madorsky vs Alex Che


Bout 4: 110-120 Melissa Cromer vs Ashlee Mastin


Bout 5: 135-145 Gigi Good vs April King

Bout 6: 135-145 Kimberly Larkin vs Amber Smith


Bout 7: 130-135 Agazi Abay vs Cyle Mitchell

Bout 8 154-160 Brian Eastman vs Henry Holmes

Bout 9: 154-160 Patrick Favela vs Cody Moore

Bout 10: 168-175 Igor Sychtchikov vs Dakota Johnson


Bout 11: 140-147 David Baca vs Chance Chin

Bout 12: 140-147 Enrique Medina vs Kevin Palmer

Bout 13: 160-168 Luis LaO vs Eric Rogan

Bout 14: 160-168 Danielo Mejia vs Eric Melander

Bout 15: 175-190 Charles Tandy vs Noah Baker

Bout 16:  190-210 Chris Choate vs Jase Young


Bout 17: BEG 65-75 CHAMPIONSHIP winner bout 1 vs winner bout 2

Bout 18: BEG 147-154 CHAMPIONSHIP Alejandro Lopez vs Tyler Garcia

Bout 19: BEG 160-168 CHAMPIONSHIIP winner bout 3 vs Dilyn Rosenbrock

Bout 20: ADV 98-102 CHAMPIONSHIP Gabriel Dorra vs Jakob Logan

Bout 21: ADV 122-128 CHAMPIONSHIP Eric Duff vs John McAndrews

Bout 22: ADV 135-140 CHAMPIONSHIP Andrew Boone vs Jose Arrellano

1 Hour Intermission

Children's Exhibition Match

Beginner Exhibition Match Josh Schilling vs Colton Couch


Bout 23: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 110-120 Winner Bout 4 vs Brittany Boone

Bout 24: CHAMPIONSHIP OPEN 135-145 Winner Bout 5 vs Winner Bout 6


Bout 25: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 130-135 Winner Bout 7 vs Daniel Kehm

Bout 26: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 140-147 Nerath Khat vs Dustin Coin

Bout 27: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 147-154 Long Lo vs Jason Martinez

Bout 28: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 154-160 Winner Bout 8 vs Winner Bout 9

Bout 29: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 168-175 Winner Bout 10 vs Mike Rangal

Bout 30: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 185-192 Jason VanTatenhove vs Daniel Mirandu

Bout 31: CHAMPIONSHIP BEG 190-210 Cody Neukom vs Adan Gonzales

Bout 32: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 130-135 David Forney vs Dan Wilson

Bout 33: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 140-147 Winner Bout 11 vs Winner Bout 12

Bout 34: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 147-154 Ari Michaeli vs Corbin Todd

Bout 35: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 154-160 Patrick Jungnick vs Alan Lechuga

Bout 36: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 160-168 Winner Bout 13 vs Winner Bout 14

Bout 37: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 175-190 Winner Bout 15 vs Blake DeHuff

Bout 38: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 190-210 Winner Bout 16 vs Brian Leftwhich

Bout 39: CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 210-230 Perry Daughtrey vs Brad Hays

Bout 40:  CHAMPIONSHIP ADV 230+ JR Gordon vs Jon Jimenez

Featured Bout: Cory Sandhagen vs Jose Negrete


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Pre - Order your tournament tickets online and avoid the long line! 

Have them waiting for you at Will Call:




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WEIGHINS CMTA Muay Thai Tournament/ Super Show

May 19 2012 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Weighins will be held @

Muay Thai of Colorado

4990 E Asbury Ave Denver Co 80222

Saturday May 19th from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

ALL FIGHTERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEIGHIN at this time, if there are any issues please contact us directly:

303-246-8855 or via email

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May 28 2012 - 12:00am - 10:00pm

We will be CLOSED Monday May 28th in celebration of Memorial Day.  Please have a safe and happy holiday.

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Fights, Fights, Fights!! May 18th -20th

A busy weekend full of fights, fights, fights.  Hopefully everyone can make it to all the events of the weekend to support an entire crew of Muay Thai of Colorado fighters.

Kicking off the Weekend;

FRIDAY MAY 18th Ethan Warren MMA bout at the Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz Show.

Followed by...

SATURDAY MAY 19th Lauren Sugihara takes on Crystal Parrish Kickboxing bout at Fight to Win Show.

And wrapping up with

SUNDAY MAY 20th 2012 CMTA Muay Thai Tournament; come watch dozens of ALL Muay Thai Fights ALL Day with bouts from ages 9 and up.  Support MToC kids Jordan SandovalGabriel Dorra and adult bouts David Forney, Alan Lechuga, Henry Holmes and Nerath Knat.    Then stick around for the Muay Thai Mayhem Super Show with Main Event and Muay Thai of Colorado's very own Jonathon Wyderko fights for the WKA Championship Title.

A full weekend of exciting match ups and a very exciting weekend for Muay Thai of Colorado.


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